CULTURE: Nickelodeon Introduces First Gay Interracial Animated Couple


Television is notorious for showing us one-sided images and feeding into negative stereotypes. It took years for a lot of us to see true representations of our unique narratives on the big screen. Shows like Scandal, Black-ish, The Fosters, The Cosby Show, The Good Wife, Empire and Smart Guy have successfully gone against the grain in showing some of America’s realities.

Nickelodeon is now bravely doing the same by featuring the first animated and interracial same-sex married couple. Comedians Wayne Brady and Michael Mcdonald will be the voice of the couple introduced on The Loud House on July 20th. Not only will this be a male same-sex interracial couple but they will have an intellectual African American son, it is so exciting to see true representation finally happening in the media.

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