Disney’s Aladdin Still Has Us Dreaming Of Three Wishes

On November 11, 1992, Disney’s 31st feature film, Aladdin changed the landscape of 2D  animation.

I remember being really young–about six years old– and excited about seeing brown skin on the screen, even though the culture wasn’t mine. But once the previews ended and the movie began, it became more than that. It was a solid family film, one stuffed with comedy both parents and children could enjoy (thanks to the legendary Robin Williams), modern iconic musical scores, fully developed characters and art that screamed the intense amount of time placed in it (we see you magic carpet!). And for these same reasons, we re-watch Aladdin to this day–each time unlocking things we hadn’t noticed before.

It’s amazing how a story about an underdog with three wishes to change his life has stood the test of time. Maybe the reason for that is because the synopsis of this tale resonates with us all. Who doesn’t dream about obtaining what they want in the blink of an eye? I know I do! In fact, if I stumbled upon a magical lamp today, I’d have my wishes set.

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Okay so given Genie’s parameters, my wishes are a bit restricted–minus Rule #1– but they’re still worlds better than no wishes right?


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I’ve been a writer for a long time. Aside for my passion to create new worlds and stories lies my passion for leveling the playing field for diverse stories. And that goes beyond just casting a black actor to play a classic and cherished super hero. It entails starting from scratch and carving a new mythos full of color and underrepresented people with my pen. As appreciative as I am for the addition of characters to Marvel like Riri Williams, I am starved and READY to make my own and change the playing field. Imagine what a difference that’ll make to our youth, especially given current political circumstances. Representation and inherently good representation is activism in itself and will move mountains. So, Genie work your magic for your girl! Give me ripples in publishing and diverse franchises.


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Yes, the luxury! The materialism. But who doesn’t want to roll beach side and walk down their stairs in the morning with a draping maribou robe on as they take in the peaceful view of the Pacific Ocean from their glass wall? Honestly…truly…life would be made, and so would my Godforsaken sinus allergies. Salt air equals clean air, and access to clean air ain’t cheap. But with Genie, all of that is attainable. Yaass!


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Sappy, I know. But for real, what is enjoyment when you’re tribe is ill? And so, in the fashion of Aladdin’s altruistic last wish, I’d give the same to my family.  Love is wealth and so is health.

What would you wish for given the chance? Let us know in the comments.


When she's not getting lost in fantastical worlds with the fictional characters she writes, Tia tends to lead something of a normal life. She enjoys the hours of her day by sifting through comics at her local comic book shop, blogging as a pop culture analyst, writing multicultural fantasy, watching "Tangled" and One Direction videos on repeat with her toddler, playing air guitar to Thin Lizzy, connecting life with '90s film quotes and finding new ways to sneak a bite of pizza when she knows she shouldn't. You can find her tweeting here and there, @tatixtia.

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