The Many Accomplishments of Our Favorite Boss Rick Ross


Happy Birthday Rick Ross!

When it comes to this industry, there are the temporaries and then there are the artists who use their music to open additional doors. One man in particular who’s managed to be in various avenues of businesses is Rick Ross. The MMG founder released his very first album back in August of 2006  which ended up selling 187,000 units during it’s first week. Since then, Ross has released seven additional albums including Mastermind and God Forgives, I Dont , Teflon Don.

If we’ve learned anything from Rick Ross aside from his musical influence, it’s that money never sleeps. Along with dropping numerous musical projects, he is also the franchise owner of nine Wingstops within the U.S. Even though it’s only the beginning of 2017, it seems like the 41 year old has nothing but good intentions and success in mind for this year.  Just moments ago, Ross released his video for “I Think She Like Me ” featuring Ty Dolla $ign which will be off his upcoming album set to release sometime soon Rather You Than Me. Along with Ty being on the album, there will also be contributions from Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz for the single “Buy Back The Block”.

According to XXL, Ross explains that he wants this particular project to be his testimony and really wants his audience to “Listen to the message, relate to the story, feel the pain and struggle in the lyrics- but more importantly understand that there is a greater life on the other side of those nightmares”.  As we wait on Rick Ross’ RYTM to release, here’s a glimpse at his new video as well as Ross’s top 10 rules for success below:



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