Watch Pusha T’s PSA For Legalized Marijuana In California

Many of us know medical marijuana is already legal in California, but California’s ballot initiative Proposition 64, if it passes, will make recreational marijuana usage legal for anyone over the age of 21. The proposition will also create new taxes that will go toward things like drug research and treatment. Recently a few celebrities have spoken out in big ways regarding their stance on Prop 64 and it’s impact on incarceration.

Rapper Pusha T  has been an advocate for this bill and he appears in a new PSA explaining the benefits of Proposition 64. The Virginia native makes it clear that he’s not a California voter but mentions that when a larger state like California passes a bill, smaller states usually follow. Push also touches on the war on drugs and how Prop 64 will prevent anyone from being incarcerated for marijuana again. A few months back Jay Z took part in campaigning for Prop 64 with the release of  “War On Drugs is An Epic Fail.”  It is safe to say that many powerful voices are behind this movement as it can have a positive impact on many lives.

For more information about Prop 64 click here and check out Pusha T’s PSA below.

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