Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday: Issa Rae


We’ve chosen actress, writer and show runner extraordinaire, Issa Rae, as our WCW this week. Rae has worked her way from a popular YouTube web series, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, to landing her own show on HBO, Insecure. Insecure chronicles the life of a 29 year-old black woman working at a nonprofit struggling to make decisions with her career and live-in boyfriend. Rae’s Insecure has filled a gap in traditional television that needed to be filled with an honest and authentic representation of non-white Americans. The writing of the show is sharp, accurate and eerily relatable which drew in the 3.2 million viewers that watched the series this season.

The show has been lauded for it’s authenticity and honesty, and it was recently announced that it has been renewed for a second season which is a huge win for progressive television. We can say so much about Rae and her pioneering a space for black women in the television industry

Check out three facts about this amazing woman below.

1. Issa’s got some serious bars and produced this hilarious 12-episode series on her favorite ratchet songs.

2. She wrote a book entitled, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, where she shares essays on her awkwardness and the lessons learned from it.


3.  She like all of us…has a thing for Drake.

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