5 Things We Love About Migos’ Walk It Talk It Video

Here at VashtieDotCom, we appreciate a good visual. There’s truly nothing better than a song that we can’t get out of our heads being brought to life by a visual that creates a purpose and meaning for a single we didn’t quite notice on the first listen. For Atlanta based rap group Migos, they did just that on Walk It Talk It from their studio album Culture 2.

After Drake’s Vashtie shout out, Walk It Talk It easily became our favorite single from the album. The ego boosting trap vibe is now bumped in our cars on the way to the function and is also the soundtrack to the after party. As for the visual, we didn’t expect nothing more than maybe a few dance scenes with amazing choreography, but directors Daps & Quavo (yes Quavo) really showed out with a Soul Train themed video. Here’s five things we loved:

The Set:

We couldn’t wait until throwback Thursday to post this article, but the set screams it. The “Culture Ride” set oozes 80s Soul Train vibes allowing us to really get into the concept of the video. Everything from the disco ball glistening, to the flashing lights, to the old-school car chilling in the background gives us life.

Drake’s Hair:

Listen. Your wash and go could never. There’s no amount of Youtube tutorial you can watch to compete with such masterpiece. Drake’s wig not only shows love to the 3c curly girls, but meshes perfectly with the direction of the video. The Jerry Curl was a popular style in the 80s, giving men the curls we could only dream of and we must say- Drake rocked it well.

The Soul Train:

The Soul Train line dance was the best part of every show. You never really know who’s going to shimmy down the line or hit a split, but when they did, you were shook. In the Walk It Talk It video, the choreography included a mix of classic 80s dance moves along with today’s favorites. If you look closely, hitting the shimmy will do no justice with out a little bit of twerk and some guy hitting a mean snake across the dance floor.

The Fashion:

80s fashion is to die for. The Migos executed perfectly with ruffled button ups, blazers, over sized sunglasses, bandanas and afros while the crowd followed up with bell-bottom pants, loud patterns, and flashy chains. If you don’t know what to be this halloween, here’s a head start.

Off Set:

Off Set is a star. From the pink and set head to toe, to the performance on the video, Off Set gave it all to us. His “robot” dance down the soul train line was admirable, his fro was perfectly in shape, and his rings glimmered in the disco light nearly blinding us. It’s safe to say the second to last verse was given life in this video unimagined.


Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective