#BeautyTipTuesday: Men need Skin Care too. Luka Sabbat shares his routine


Caring your skin every day is just as important as getting dressed, working out and eating right. Our skin, especially our faces set a tone for first impressions. For men, sometimes skin care isn’t the first thing on their mind, but we can only admit along with our good friend Luka Sabbat, that there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself.

Luka’s skin care routine covers it all: a wash, a toner, a mask and eye patches.

For those new to skin care, a wash, toner and moisturizer will do along with a weekly mask to give you that extra boost.

Pro tip from Luka: Hydrate yourself, straight razor shaves

Watch how Luka treats himself through ultimate skincare above and tell us your skin care routine on @VashtieDotCom


Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective

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