Destiny’s Child to Join Beyoncé for ‘On The Run Tour 2’

Beyoncé’s recent Coachella performances were iconic for many reasons. In addition to the legendary HBCU references, her superb vocals, and killer choreography, Beyoncé brought her set to the next level when she took us back to our younger days by bringing her former group-mates on stage for a Destiny’s Child reunion.

Seeing those three women perform their best hits while dressed in their matching outfits was not only nostalgic, but left the true DC fans wanting more. The Sun reports great news that Beyoncé and Jay Z’s upcoming On The Run Tour II will have Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland join for special dates.

“Beyoncé worked tirelessly on her Coachella headline performance but the crowning moment was her medley with Kelly and Michelle. They really enjoyed working together again after so long and now Bey is keen for them to be part of On The Run II,” the source told the magazine. “The girls have their own work commitments and families but could fly out for certain dates to surprise fans because they’re all aware of the demand for a reunion. It is the perfect way to celebrate 20 years since their debut album.”

Beyoncé’s step-dad Richard Lawson recently spoke of Bey’s upcoming tour saying it’s going to touch on the hard truth. “Well, look at what they’ve been through in the last couple of years in terms of the things that they’ve confronted and the way that they’ve put it into art,” he said. “This is gonna be really a culmination of their growth and their ability to really confront the hard subjects and the hard issues.”

I, for one, am extremely excited to potentially see these ladies perform together again in the near future. If you need a little refresher on all of the iconic songs that Destiny’s Child has made within the past two decades, check out our playlist below! Which song would you be most excited to hear in concert? Let us know!


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