Flashback Friday: Remembering 112, Ginuwine, and Dru hill

Growing up, 112, Ginuwine, and Dru Hill were among the many artists my mom would blast in car rides or early mornings while she cleaned up the house on Saturdays. I’ll always remember her singing to me while I would sing along to words I had absolutely no meaning of whatsoever lol. In preparation for their show Friday night in Paris, here are just two songs from each that will hopefully be performed for old times’ sake.


Ginuwine is that guy who every girl wanted to be with back in the day and every guy appreciated for his sexual undertones in virtually all his songs. While most were not kid friendly, they also were incognito if you weren’t of age to understand what he was talking about.


So Anxious


112 wasn’t just another boy group…they were the boy group at the moment. With clever word play, 112 were the boy group that others like Pretty Ricky modeled their music after.

Peaches & Cream

U Already Know

Dru Hill

Dru Hill were also known for their x-rated lyrics and catchy hooks. Members like Sisqo helped to push the band into stardom as they created unforgettable songs that will last forever.

In My Bed

Tell Me

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