Here’s Why You Need a Microcurrent Facial at SB Skin NYC

Trust us, dry, aged,  is not the wave in 2018 and the best way to get you right, especially in the new year is facials. Now, I know what you’re thinking: I can just buy something over the counter at Target. Well, you can, but knowing the benefits of a micro current facial can improve the quality of your skin in the long run rather than a cute mud mask for an Instagram selfie.

Our girl Vashtie makes time for facials at  SB Skin in NYC which is one of the best places to trust when it comes to skin care. The coveted skin care office is owned by Shamara Bondaroff who is also New York born and raised. She grew up in a vegan and holistic home which eventually gave her an interest in skin care. She attended Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics to become an esthetician. Her holistic background fits perfectly with Vashtie’s because she takes the same approach when serving her clients. We know how important it is to be as natural as possible to Vashtie. #VashtieVitals.

At SB Skin, microcurrent facials are the specialty. According to Shamara, it is like pilates for your face. A mild electrical current stimulates the skin and muscles. This promotes healing abut also collagen and elastic production. With this treatment, you’re able to see visible results after the 50 minute facial which include lines and puffiness disappearing like real-life photoshop. If you’re wondering, yes it is completely pain free.

Here’s why you need microcurrent according to SB Skin:


• Improve skin quality (greater tone, smoother texture, healthier glow)

• Lift jowls and eyebrows

• Exfoliate skin

• Treat sun damage

• Reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines

• Reduce dark circles and eye bags

• Decrease low-grade inflammation

• Help treat acne and rosacea

• Promote lymphatic drainage

• Increase skin care product penetration

• Act as a preventative measure against Botox, fillers and face lifts



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