Halloween is right around the corner and we all the know the hassle that comes with creating the perfect costume. So sit back and relax to this playlist that’s sure to get any party started. Whether confronting their demons or just sounding plain creepy, these artists have made chilling music from the hooks all the way down to the melody.

Here are some of our favorite music videos from the playlist above that add to their “WOW” factor. 

The imagery in this video show Travis Scott‘s mind during a bad trip. Drugs, confusion and sex. Kendrick’s verse is LEGENDARY and the effects are just as amazing. One of the best videos of 2016.

“What effects do you want Abel?”


Seems to be the overall theme for this piece. With fire burning in front of the cross, singing about premarital sex with a woman who seems to be already spoken for, The Weeknd provides us with another track of his highly addicting partying lifestyle. The beat feels hazy which fits perfectly into his overindulgent toxic tendencies.

How ghoulish can you get? Future’s a ghost, Chris Brown is a vampire (I think?) and this video is full of zombies. Michael Jackson is a big influencer to CB, so it’s safe to say I think he had his Thriller concept in mind when creating the visuals to this.

Tyler, the Creator stirred up a lot of conversation when this video came out back in 2011. A lot of people were offended right off the back and it’s unfortunate to not be able to see things for what they are. Everything isn’t meant to be flattering, somethings are just what they are. Which is the thing about art, it’s subjective. Nevertheless, this video still gives me chills when I watch it. I always close my eyes at the end.

Last, but not least of course Mr. King of Halloween himself, Michael Jackson.

What are some of your favorite mind-tripping videos? Leave a comment below.


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