Jaden Smith To Join Forces With Pharrell And G-Star Raw

Musician and designer Pharrell Williams have enlisted the young Jedi Jaden Smith to join the denim label G-Star Raw. Joining GSR in 2014, sustainability has been Pharrell’s top objective, creating the first pair of jeans with no water waste last month. Pharrell made the announcement via Instagram, he said: “His commitment to the environment is such an inspiration.” Last year, Jaden launched Just Water with his father, Will Smith, a company that manufactures eco-friendly bottled water.

Courtesy of teenvogue.com

In an interview exclusively with Teen Vogue, Jaden talks about how he came into his partnership with Pharrell and his plans with his denim collection.

“After talking to Pharrell and G-Star, I realized we all feel the same urgency and a great opportunity at the same time to delve deeper into what a sustainable garment, denim or otherwise, should accomplish. I believe this collab is a great step that brings us closer to where we want to be.”

Although Jaden does not have much of designing experience, he has become a fashion icon of his own self in the industry. In 2016, both Jaden and little sister Willow was named new fashion icons by the British Fashion Council. Jaden has also created headlines when he wore a skirt during a photo shoot for Korea Vogue, a move praised by his dad. “Jaden is 100 percent fearless, he will do anything,” Smith said. “As a parent, it’s scary, it’s really terrifying, but he is completely willing to live and die by his open artistic decisions and doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”

courtesy of teenvogue.com

In a statement to Teen Vogue, Jaden explains why his goals align so perfectly with the goals of G-Star’s:

“What [G-Star has] been doing with sustainable innovation recently has been so inspiring, especially with the launch of their most sustainable jeans ever. They are at the forefront of denim sustainability, on top of the denim game. It’s the same thing I’ve been trying to do with my Just Water initiative, to innovate in an industry where there is so much room for improvement.”

In a teaser for the collection, Jaden is shown in a design studio, speaking of why he wanted to work on the collection, and, more importantly, why sustainability is so important. “Things are changing in the world, and we need to change with it for the better,” he says.

Full details about the collection will be announced later this year when it debuts.


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