#MusicMonday: Kesi’s Ekstra is the international bop we need

Rap music knows every language. Whether you’re head nodding to Gucci Mane in English, Bad Bunny in Spanish or Kesi in Danish; its a bop. Rapper/ Songwriter Kesi dives deep into hard hitting baselines and finger snaps with his latest single Ekstra. Ekstra, which translates into ‘additional or extra’ was produced by Danish producer Hennedub and truly allows music to travel in any language. While the lyrics are completely in Danish and you could easily translate, the production and delivery makes the track relatable and playlist worthy.

Kesi began his career in rap, primarily in the grime scene in 2011 with is breakout single “Slem dreng” which translates to bad boy. From there, his career grew with every single release leaving us fans begging for more since his last single Barn af byen in 2015. We’re hoping we get a full length project very soon.

As for the direction in the video, we give all credit to Blonde Media, a UK based  production company and agency. Because they specialize in branding and storytelling, Kesi effortlessly walked us through Ekstra with no need for an explanation. The team not only works with budding rap artists, but contribute to film photography, social media and graphic design as well. “Feeding off each other’s fantasies  from fragments come future,” says Blonde Media. This is where we live. In Between, the middle of it all [and] ahead of tomorrow.”

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