Radicalism of the Carefree Black Boy

Make no mistake about it, we’re all living in a bad Black Mirror episode. Deep within our brain cells, American societal norms have implanted a binary code with the vast majority of us to categorically follow based off our biological sex. “It’s a boy / it’s a girl,” the doctor gleefully exclaims upon our first drawn breath before wrapping us in our designated colored blanket. We are taught to believe dresses are for girls and pants are for boys, or that things as material as make-up is strictly gender specific. Nah. I think we all can agree that clothes should always be an expression of the individual. As the LGBTQ+ community continues to gain more clout, the gender binary seems less and less inclusive.

But this is “Trump’s America,” — which is another Black Mirror episode within itself — and in order to claim victory on the frontline of modern gender politics, we as a society need the allied support from (more) male heterosexuals.

But who can blame their hesitance? The inability for men to explore and experiment their wardrobe has, in many ways, been detrimental. In a society that deems young men (especially, young Black men) hyper-aggressive and hyper-masculine and teaches boys across the spectrum to bury their feelings, being carefree in any capacity is a way to push against those unfair expectations.

The emerging displacement of gender conformity/roles that burst into the scene of fashion, during the middle of the decade, was extremely important for Generation Y to recognize. The carefree Black boy movement is on the rise. People like Jaden Smith, Lil Uzi and Young Thug are leading the vanguard, but too often gender fluidity is stigmatized to falsely represent homosexuality. Ping our location, this is where we get lost. Let’s TBT to our parents’ generation, when goats like David Bowie and Prince were easily landing females in their crop tops and satin leather heels!


“The carefree black boy is not only vital, it’s radical.”

Let us continue expanding our culture:

To the heterosexual men comfortable with their sexuality, we support you! To all those still in search of liberation from mental bondage, come join the carefree movement. Together we’ll break the chains and redefine masculinity.

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