Rapper Princess Nokia To Racist: “The Soup Is On YOU!”

“I be damned if I let some drunk bigot call a group of young teenage boys racist names and allow him to get away with it”.

A tweet from NYC rapper Princess Nokia after a video of herself went viral. The video consist of a racist man shouting racist slurs on a NYC L train last week. The rapper, born Destiny Frasqueri, took to her twitter to express what happened, and why it went down that way. “This bigot called a group of teenage boys “n*ggers” on the train so I stood up and slapped him.”

Frasqueri further explained that after she slapped him, he called her the N word too. “When I slapped him, he called me a n—-r, and when I did all my brothers on the train came to my side and held my hand and comforted me.” The man identified as Paul Lawson, was apparently intoxicated when he went on his tirate. It was when the train pulled into its next stop, the people of the car proceeded to push the man out. Nokia then threw the contents of a paper bowl at Lawson. When the man attempt to get back on to the train, the passengers pushed him back onto the platform.

Racism caught on tape seems to be more of a trend than anything now. At a high school in New Jersey, a recording of a teacher telling several students in her class to speak, “American” went viral. The 25-second clip shared on social media, started a huge debate. “…men and women are fighting. They are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish. They are fighting for your right to speak American,” the teacher is heard telling her class.

It is apparent that since President 45 came into office, racial epidemics have gone through the roof. Between the alt right rallies, and half of the NFL kneeling during the national anthem, everything is recorded and posted online. Unfortunately, racism goes back to the biblical days, so that is not new. What is new is the fact that it all appears online, exposing the ugly truth of prejudice. Prejudice that most people choose to ignore, even when it is in front of them. In the case of Princess Nokia, a peaceful train ride went awry when a drunken man decided to tell people how he feels. And in the case of the high school in New Jersey, a teacher shared more than she needed by telling her students to speak, “American.” The boldness of their ignorance is what makes the scary. Time and time again, we watch people purposely and deliberately spew hatred because of their first amendment. But when do we say “enough is enough?” When do we stop allowing racists to use their right of freedom of speech to hide behind?


A big believer in the advancement of the culture, Megan Ambers supports celebrating the trailblazers in the game. Prior to starting her own pop culture website, Megan worked a number of years as both a staff writer and Public Relations specialist. It's time to push society forward and embrace a new way of thinking.

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