Solange is honored at the Billboard Women In Music event

Photo by Michael Kovaca

When it comes to the goddess of goddesses, it’s almost impossible to not mention Solange. From her unique taste in threads to her must-watch performances (which is every performance) to the hypothetical scenarios we create of us having a seat at the table with her  in our heads, Solange is just magic. Even though the songstress’s A Seat At The Table album released late last year, the magic that she brings to the world as a whole (rather that may be through her award speeches, her ill aesthetic, or her music) is just a gift that keeps on giving.

Just after Glamour Magazine named her as one of their “Women Of The Year,” the Billboard Women in Music event took place Thursday and honored the goddess with the Impact Award. During the special night that was filled with praise and women empowerment, Solange ‘s award was announced by Vice President of American Express, Deborah Curtis, who expressed “Solange has never been shy about standing up for what she believes in”. I think it’s safe to say that we love Solange simply for being in her own lane, for setting her own rules, for always moving to the beat of her own drum, for owning it, and for inspiring other girls to do the same. Solange is someone who’s inspires other by being herself, being a tastemaker, and by spreading love and truth. What sets Solange apart is that she’s her own trending topic with no limits. To celebrate Solange being Solange, enjoy three iconic moments below from this magical trailblazer below:



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