Tierra Whack Shows us a Whack World

Growing up, being whack wasn’t a good thing. It was something you’re called when you didn’t fit in, it wasn’t cool enough, or just plain ol’ ugly. Today, Whack has a new meaning. It belongs to Philly artist Tierra, who has tossed her own meaning to the word creating a visual and audible treat to her fans. In 2018, if you’re not Whack, you’re not hip; and if you’re not hip, we’re going to hip you right now to everything Tierra has going on.

Tierra Whack is both audibility and visually pleasing. Scrolling through her Instagram, you’ll find her yourself lost in a world made up all in her head. Bright colors, pop art, outlandish sunglasses, freshly laid wigs, teal fingernails, and untarnished dark skin are only a handful of things you’ll find while enjoying her feed. The hip hop artist is a bit strange, but it doesn’t bother us since the traditional sound of hip hop is transforming. While some are still nodding their heads to Nas claiming it’s real hip hop, others are pre-gaming to Lil Pump and there’s nothing wrong with that. Tierra Whack’s version of hip hop is a bit different, but far from the old meaning of Whack.

“I can’t describe my sound,” says Whack in interview with XXL magazine.”That’s something I don’t ever think about and I kinda don’t want to think about it. I like to create whatever that pops up in my head, bring whatever idea to life. People compare me to the people I listen to, the people I’m influenced by, André 3000, Missy, Busta. That’s about it.”

While channeling the free spirited creativity of her inspirations, she releases Whack World, an EP that fuses indescribable sounds, flows, and additives together, creating a fresh space in hip hop. Sitting at 15-tracks long, Whack World is still a tease. Although you may think there’s a lot of material here, Whack plays it as a tease by giving us one minute tracks. It seems as if each track is a look into a window of a complete thought, but just as quickly as you start to nod your head, it flows into the next track. The production of the project is also nothing of the ordinary. Here you’ll hear everything from animal to video game sounds to crunching of a taco to auto-tuned whisperings on a beat. If you thought listening to the project was a trip, there’s more. Accompanying her release is a 15 minute video that almost matches the clocked time of the EP. The visual captures the EP while running each song into the next while depicting what exactly goes on in Whack’s World.



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