#VashtieVibes: Valentines Day 2018 Playlist

There’s nothing that speaks of love and lust as loud as the music. When you don’t have the words to express those mushy ridiculous (in a good way) feelings, music always finds a way of saying everything seamlessly. Valentine’s day is around the corner which means the streets and our social media feeds will be immensely filled with all of the feels.

As confusing, good, bad, or ugly as love can get sometimes, it is still what universally makes our world go round. Whether you’re spending that day with a special someone or enjoying yourself and your loved ones, get into the groove and enjoy the day. Grab one bae, 3 baes (one for brunch, one for happy hour, and one for dinner), or even the homies and press play on our Vashtie Vibes: Valentines Day 2018 playlist available on Spotify.