Alma Har’el Taps Kiersey Clemons And Lisa Bonet For Feminist Short Film ‘JellyWolf’

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“You are HER.”

We talk about muses a lot here. The way they make us think, dream, and–most importantly–feel. But what happens when their creative hearts align with yours subconsciously?

At a distance, through nothing but energy, like power lines…

Jellywolf–the manifestation of a hybrid spirit animal–is the answer. i-D and CHANEL came together to parent this batch of skin chilling visual candy and tapped acclaimed director Alma Har’el to guide it to maturity. The eight-minute short film stars the fabulous Kiersey Clemons and cuts straight to the point as we follow her on a magical realism journey in Los Angeles, lined in neon lights which prove to be more than your average signs. As she enters an enchanting parfumerie, we meet the owner of the shop, the ever ethereal Lisa Bonet. Clemons confides in her and tells her the scent she desires and why. Like any shaman-esque being, Bonet delivers–mixing ingredients in a tank full of jellyfish as if she’s working a recipe for dinner. The product is a creature/creation Clemons digests, which in turn, sends her on a mental trip within the fiercest parts of herself to unveil the once elusive “JellyWolf.”

“The experience the girl is buying in the store is inspired by synesthesia. It’s the idea that certain scents can evoke images, and that our senses cross paths. People who have synesthesia experience many things, for instance sounds as color and scents as images. My friend Dexter told me one night over dinner that she always experienced the words “white house” as a cake she can taste, and seen days of the week as a circle suspended in the air. When I told her about the condition, suddenly everything made sense to her. It’s a really dope condition, your senses take creative license with reality.”-Alma Har’el, i-D

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Equal parts fantasy, reality and feminist, the short film inspired by CHANEL’s  N°5 L’EAU is currently a finalist for a Tribeca X Award. Once you play the video below, and unlock your own spirit animal, you’ll understand why.

 What a time to be woman…


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