Autobots and Decepticons Go Medieval in ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Trailer

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Michael Bay corralled his band of actors and robots for the fifth installment of the Transformers film franchise. We finally received a first look at what’s in store thanks to the newly released trailer. It’s full of what Michael Bay is known for: explosive action scenes and sick special effects.


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While we don’t know much about the official synopsis of Transformers: The Last Knight, what’s given in the trailer is heavily centered around medieval mythology. This is awesome news. All previous Transformers films–from Shia Labeouf roots to the Mark Wahlberg takeover–have been standalones that barely touch the original plot lines and characters that die-hard fans love. But with the ingredient of the medieval era, it seems that’s about to change. Transformers’ writers clung to Hasbro’s cartoon and comic adaptions and used it as a map for The Last Knight.


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In an interview with Screenrant, Bay touched on his feelings about the new direction:

“The palette on this one is the most different I’ve ever done. It will be the most different. The third act is spectacular looking. It’s stuff that I’ve never done that excites me. It’s stuff that’s really complicated. I say: ‘I have no fucking idea how we’re going to shoot this.’ It’s fun. That’s the fun of it.”


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Hearing him describe his third act as spectacular looking definitely hints at more authentic explosions and knockout slow-mos. Perhaps between the returning Dinobots? Grimlock anyone? Or how about that killer brawl between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee? I know. Say it ain’t so. Seeing that does hurt a bit.

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Or what about Unicron? The planet eating mega villain makes himself known in the trailer. Could he be controlling Optimus Prime? With Prime’s eyes tinted in violet–as opposed to the usual Autobot blue, it could be a possibility.

And what is this behemoth? For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. But he does look cool–like some sort of armored rhino from King Arthur’s arsenal.

By the way Megatron, we peeped you. Really quick. Positive you’re up to no good per usual.

Megatron, Transformers: The Last Knight

Come to think of it, ol’ boy is even transforming into a three headed dragon these days. Interesting.

Megatron - Dragon Form.

Not much guessing is needed all around, as we know every story has both an antagonist and protagonist. It’s just a matter of learning who will be who in this film.

Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura discussed those mysterious roles with Collider. His message reads cryptic as he said the bad guy will be, “A surprise, I think, as you discover who the villain is. So in that respect, that is a very different kind of Decepticon form, if you would. I think that the understanding of the mythology, as you begin to unveil it, you’ll understand just how big the jeopardy that we’re going to face is.”

Who do you think the true villain will be and what exactly is at stake? Watch the trailer below and sound off with us in the comments.


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