life: SOBE SUMMER FRIDAYS – miniature golf, food by HABANA CAFE, and more!

for the past week i’ve been battling a stomach flu which has given me a loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue. it’s been no bueno, can you guys relate? anyways, FRIDAY i was forced out of my cave by the gang for free food and miniature golf at the SOBE FRIDAY PARTY. i left early to go home and sleep.

*as a non-sports person, playing anything close to athletic with other athletic people is annoying. look at the coach behind me. good grief…it’s miniature golf!

*SADE and (“if it wasn’t for”) TONY.

*my new favorite bever-age.

*OSCAR and RAUL. his sis was there and i forgot to take a picture. it’s so cute, they look exactly the same.

*my stomach flu and loss of appetite has caused my stomach to shrink. after eating this little tostada thingy i was full. i felt like i had gastric bypass or something.

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