Quickie Creative Halloween Looks From Vashtie


With Halloween only a few days away many of us are still without a costume. Or the holiday season is right around the corner and our frugal selves have emerged. Let’s admit it Halloween is all about the costume but there are some creative inexpensive options to keep money in your pocket and compliments rolling in. Halloween is one of Vashtie’s favorite holidays, last year she put together a few looks in honor of the occasion. Below are some tips to creating your ideal costume.

Makeup makes it easy.


A lot of us have a drawer or a box, something filled with makeup we have collected from clearance sales or gifts. Most of the time we don’t use it, now is the time to visit your makeup graveyard. Also keep in mind that all make up is universal meaning lipstick and eye shadow don’t have to only be used on their assigned features. Be creative use it where necessary to create your look. Halloween costume makeup can be fairly inexpensive so if you don’t have what you need at home feel free to hit up Party City or Family Dollar.

Signature Pieces from your wardrobe.


If you are like me you have several “looks” tucked away in your closet. Signature pieces that you loved at first sight but realized might have been an impulse purchase. Mainly because you have no where to wear it or it can’t be worn on a regular basis. Halloween is the time to dust it off and bring it out! Or maybe you have something super cute you wan to show off (like a nice leather). Nonetheless pull some items from you closet, there is something there you can work with.

Props can complete the costume.


So you have pulled together a look from your makeup drawer and closet. Now think of props that will add to your look. This might actually be the only purchase you have to make, but a truly resourceful person will find this laying around the house. Props can be as simple as accessories or even a cigar, be sure to complete your look with the perfect prop.