Watch Mac Miller Perform “We” With CeeLo Green



Mac Miller’s new album The Devine Feminine released last week and it was an intimate treat. Miller has recently teamed up with Direct TV’s AUDIENCE Network for a concert special that will air on September 30 at 9:00 p.m. EST. We got a little taste of what’s in store for the special from a clip Miller shared that featured “We” with the ingenious CeeLo Green by his side.

This will be the first time that Mac will perform his new material before The Divine Feminine Tour starts in October.  Although the majority of pop culture assumes that this album is go-go-gaga over and about Mac’s new boo Ariana Grande, he tells The Breakfast Club it is about love in general and how he views it. Mac wants people to stop getting all caught up in the narrative and labels, and just let the art be what it is to the listeners. “People care about human narratives over human nature” – Charlagamane Tha God (The Breakfast Club)

Check out the preview clip for the concert special below:

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