5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Metallica

One of the first rules of fashion is to never wear a tee representing a band you’ve never heard of, can’t name one song by, or the top was just on sale at Forever21. Regardless of your reason, you probably shouldn’t. While vintage band tees are circling their way back into fashion, it would be smart to know a few things about the band rather than just paring the tee with your favorite kicks. Metallica is one of the most popular steals when it comes to “rocking a tee without knowledge of the band” disorder, but the Vashtie.com team is going to give you five quick things to say when your friend calls you out for wearing a Metallica tee when you can’t name a song.


  1. The name of the art that adorns the cover of ‘Load’ is ‘Semen and Blood III.’ It is bovine blood and the semen of the artist, Andres Serrano, mixed together.
  2. James Hetfield is an avid mechanic who spends much of his free time working on classic cars. One of his favorite cars is a Blazer called ‘The Beast.’ It is outfitted to survive earthquakes and nuclear blasts.
  3. The French pressing of 1984’s ‘Ride the Lightning’ featured a misprinted cover. Rather than the standard blue, Bernett Records printed the album with a green cover. Reportedly, there are only 400 green copies in existence.
  4. The first instrument James Hetfield learned to play was not the guitar; it was the piano at age nine.
  5. In addition to being a member of Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves, bassist Robert Trujillo formed the outfit Mass Mental in 1998 while he was in Ozzy Osbourne’s band. Mass Mental released one studio album and one live album, both in Japan only.

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