Common adds passionate verse to Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky”


Solange‘s “Cranes In the Sky” has inspired a special edit from Common. Days after his live performance at the White House Common speaks deeply on the record:

Cranes in the sky, I know how the metal sound/I never settled in life so it’s hard to settle down/Staying on my square trying not to get around/Hold my lady hostile, she could rebel down/Don’t touch my hair, I’m baldheaded/ Kept my love locked down like it was all dreaded/ Wishing for wings again so I could spread it/But now it’s in a plastic cup of false beverage

The Chicago rapper tells the FADER that the song has “the sound of forever” and that he couldn’t stop listening so he decided to add his own words. He calls the track “an unofficial remix simply inspired by the love of art.”

Listen to the remix below.

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