Watch Noname Take Over NPR With Her ‘Tiny Desk’ Concert

Chicago native and Chance the Rapper affiliate, Noname, stopped bt the NPR offices to deliver an intimate, candid Tiny Desk performance packed with lyricism. The set included songs from her long awaited 2015 breakout album, Telefone: “Diddy Bop,” “Yesterday” and– because her songs are too good to limit– a melody of “Reality Check,” “Casket Pretty” and “Bye, Bye, Baby” to end the session right.

Currently, Noname has kicked off her Spring/Summer tour for Telefone. Being that it took her some time to come out with Telefone, we hope this tour helps her recognize how much the world loves her lyricism and so she may bless us with more music!

To learn more about Noname, check out her interview with The Fader and check out her Soundcloud page below!

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