LOL: Watch Cam’ron, Desiigner & More React to Rich Chigga

Viral sensation Rich Chigga has made a major splash in hip hop this year with his single “Dat $tick”. At first glance he appears to be a regular guy with a fanny pack and a pink polo shirt. However, when the Indonesian social media comedian-turned-rapper opens his mouth, he proves to the world that he has more to offer than a gimmick.

Recently, 88 Rising asked some of our favorite rappers what they thought about Rich Chigga and the visual for his hot new single. Ghostface Killah, Cam’ron, Desiigner and more were invited to give their verdict of the rapper, and their response may surprise you. Ghostface Killah even promised to hop on the remix.

Check out the response video above. But, if you want to make your own opinion of the artist’s single, take a look at the video below!

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