Marc Jacobs Shares A Glimpse Of Carrie Bradshaw’s Alternate Dress In Lost ‘Sex And The City’ Opener

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1998, the year we all got Carrie’d away. Whether you were an adult relating to the chronicles of four single women making their place in a metropolis, or a thirteen year old whose curiosity regarding the allure of adult life moved them to watch the show in secret, Sex And The Citys dazzling ripple effect touched many.

From the start, the show boasted an iconic, unique elegance–one with hilariously honest characteristics that’ll survive the test of time. But how would things have turned out if Carrie’s famous tutu never adorned her svelte frame? Well, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Marc Jacobs, we have a bit of an idea.

With the gifting of alternate opening credits, we see Carrie waltzing about Midtown dressed in a wonderfully designed powder blue A-line dress. The scene keeps its humor, but on a more subtle scale–as Carrie stumbles on her own two feet instead of getting doused by a passing bus. This occurred, perhaps in good reason. A Marc Jacobs staple piece isn’t something anyone so lackadaisically wrecks. Especially one Kate Moss wore on the runway for the designer’s Spring 1998 collection. Adding more reason to the mix, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that Sex And The City, in its infancy, did not have the overwhelming support of designers like they did for its close. Leaving many to believe the dress to be something Patricia Field hustled on her own for.

Fate works in mysterious ways. And despite the overall glamour the minimalist blue dress serves, it leaned in a direction opposite of Carrie’s personality and closer to Jackie Kennedy or Elizabeth Taylor–the muses of Ms. Charlotte York.


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