#BeautyTipTuesday: Why You Should Be Adding Collagen Supplements To Your Life?

In this day and age, if your body is running low or void of something there is always a pill or treatment waiting in stand by to help you. In this case collagen pills are ready to come to your rescue. Collagen makes up approximately 75% of our skin, but it is also responsible for holding our joint, ligaments, and bones together. However, as we age our body begins to lose collagen. The loss of collagen is apparent in noticing more wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin, and our joints become less limber. While losing collagen as we age might be a normal thing, it’s not something we have to live with anymore.

Thanks to science there are so many new ways for us to ingest collagen. It can be ingested in the form of bone broth, smoothies, soups, gummies, protein bars, and supplements. As a vegetarian collagen supplements might go against your diet since collagen supplements are made from the bones and tendons of cows, pigs, chickens, and fish. But lucky for pescatarian there is marine collagen that they can get their hands on, which is made of fish bones. Live Strong recommends using Verisol. In a study done of those who had a scoop of Verisol saw a 40 percent reduction in crows feet after 12 weeks.

According to Women’s Health Mag UK drinking collagen stimulates stomach acid production that promotes better food digestion. Also the article states that adding collagen drinks to your diet wont just help your skin and bones but also your joints, hair, and nails. In a study done in Natural Medicine Journal women who took collagen supplement Collagen Booster TM saw significant improvement in the appearance of their pores and hyperpigmentation after six months. Now while ingesting collagen may not yield instant results, it’s the pay off in the long run that will be worth it. What are some of your favorite supplements to take? How are you combatting wrinkles and fine lines? How are you taking care of your limbs and joints?

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