Best Vegan Restaurants to Visit in Paris

While our Downtown’s Sweetheart is visiting Paris for fashion week, we can only imagine how busy her schedule is. From attending fittings to fashion shows and working on personal projects, it may be hard to keep healthy while on the go. Luckily, there are handfuls of vegan restaurants in Paris to satisfy the lifestyle along with a busy schedule. Here are a few of our favorite vegan restaurants to visit in Paris:

Le Templier de Montmartre

A small around the way restaurant, this location offers a variety of things. Run by a couple, they specialize in vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Go-To Dish:  The vegan platter, which comes with vegetable rolls, quinoa salad, and house-made olive tapenade. Or the tofu burger with mushrooms

Price: $$$

Gentle Gourmet

Vegan fine dining at its best is what this French restaurant offers. The restaurant offers a French menu with Italian and Asian influences all mixed into one. What’s interesting here is that the menu options are always changing.

Go-To Dish: The house-made ravioli stuffed with tofu and sea lettuce packs.

Dessert: A tartelette with Morello Cherries

Appetizer: Vegan cheese plate with buckwheat crackers.

Price: $$$

42 Degres

This go to lunch spot specializes in raw food with a menu that changes every day. The minimalistic look of the restaurant goes hand in hand with the simple dishes offered.

Go-To Dish: variations on raw lasagna  made with spiralized vegetables, legume salads, and interesting sauces and stuffings.

Price: $$, they only accept cash


Sol Semilla Cantine

This part restaurant and part boutique for healthy vegan foods, is the oldest vegan restaurant in Paris. This restaurant is known more so for the location as people are able to take in the scenery by visiting the nearest shops and cafes right around the restaurant.

Go-To Dish: Raw vegan dishes

Price: $

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