Cleansing Wipes May Not Be What You Thought They Were

Hygiene is vital for the everyday life and when it comes to skincare, you should never miss a beat. Behind every beat face is a beautiful blank canvas that should be treated as such. My question is, are you treating it right?

Most makeup junkies own a ton of products that you probably don’t need, I am guilty as charged.  When going for that flawless look, you need just have to have everything under the sun. Foundation, concealers, and don’t forget that highlighter for a popping glow. While this is all necessary, when it comes to striping it off at night, those products lack. Cleansing wipes usually seem to be the easiest and convenient way to take it all off, unfortunately this is the stigma of a large percentage of makeup wearers.

I too have been a victim, at one point in time I owned no other skincare products other than wipes. Each night after a long day of work and play, I would grab two to three sheets until I saw no more product, then casually move on with moisturizer. Performing this routine daily caused my skin to randomly breakout in areas I never knew existed. This triggered some serious question for me, in which cause major investigation. Most cleansing wipe commercials market that their products can remove about 90 percent of dirt and debris. In a sense this could be misleading, especially for someone like me, who looks toward advertisements as a way to spend money.

Not to be mistaken, cleansing wipes are not a terrible product. While it may seem like a makeup junkies dream, the usage it often applied with the wrong intent. In fact cleansing wipes only scratch the surface. This wipe itself only takes off a thin layer over the face. If you wear a full face for over twelve hours, chances are your makeup is settling into your pores which ultimately cause clogging and long term breakouts. It is true that most wipes are enriched with nutrients that are great for the skin, but the problem is deeper.

Developing a skin care regimen is something that is necessary, especially if you are an avid makeup junkie. Proper removal of makeup will make it that much easier for future applications as well as natural radiance. You do not necessarily have to ditch the cleansing wipes, but instead incorporate them into your routine. Let’s be honest, who really wants to spend a half an hour on washing your face every day? Within time you must find what works best for you, the most convenient way to start out is in the shower, I mean you’re washing up anyway, right?

Regimens can vary based on skin types; however, the formula is usually the same. Here is a simple recipe:

  1. First start off with the cleansing wipes, taking that topical layer off will make it easier for the steps ahead. (p.s. DO NOT STOP HERE)
  2. Follow up with a deeper cleanser to further remove dirt and debris.
  3. Rinse off
  4. Cap off with a moisturizer that will hydrate you through the night.

Deep cleaning is the single most important part in a skin care regimen. Performing this action will allow your makeup to be broken down and effortlessly removed. There are several forms such as oils, balms, and even extracts ranging from high end to low. Here are a few products to substitute your cleansing wipes:

  • Cleansing Balms: Go on as a solid substance. Once it hits the warmth of your skin it turns into a milky texture that lifts up the day’s debris, leaving the skin silky smooth
    • High End: Clinique Take the Day Off ($29.00)
    • Affordable: Coconut Oil ($8 or less)
  • Cleansing Oils: Oil used to strip makeup from the face without leaving a drying texture.
    • High End: L’Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil ($24.00)
    • Affordable: Neutrogena Ultra-Light Cleansing Oil ($8.00)

Think of it like this no face is truly beat without a good skin care routine, I learned this the hard way. I must admit since I quit using only makeup wipes, my application has become flawless. If you are loyal to your skin, chances are your skin will return the favor.

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