Doin’ It Well: Natural Ways To Rise Above Allergy Season

It’s official- Allergy season is back! This is that dreadful time of year where our noses run, eyes itch, and throats throb. Why can’t we just enjoy the spring for what it is? The sun is starting to shine, it doesn’t get dark until later in the evening, and we can start wearing shorts again!

For some reason, when the seasons change, our bodies go into total malfunction. For the rest of the month, we’ll be hitting up drug stores racking up on all the allergy meds needed to alleviate these annoying symptoms. If you’re suffering and the allergy pills don’t seem to be working fast enough, these five tactics will help you push through and rise above this tough time:

Drink Fluids

Stuffiness, congestion, and runny noses are all allergy symptoms. Drink more water to get extra liquid in your body. It can relieve you from these symptoms by thinning out your mucus.


Steam has always helped when nasal passages get congested. There is nothing worse than a stuffy nose. If you can’t afford a facial steamer, heat up some water in a large bowl and place your face over it. Trap the steam with a towel over your head and voila!

Meet with an Allergist

Meet with a specialist. Allergists conduct allergy tests on your skin and they can identify what exactly is triggering your symptoms. It may be something that you come in contact with everyday and you have no idea.

Wash up

After spending all day outside, when you come home you bring with you all the things you encountered while out. Not only are you in contact with something that triggers your allergies, but you’re bringing it home to live with you. Wash your body and your clothes regularly to rid of allergens.

Use natural cleaners

Cleaning your home serves the same purpose as washing your body and clothing after spending the day outside. What you clean with matters because harsh chemicals will irritate the symptoms that you already have. Can you imagine what your nasal passages feel when ammonia enters them? Trade it in for a little baking soda and lemon.

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