Getting to and through your New Year’s Resolutions!

We’ve been at this moment before. Thanksgiving leftovers are finally done and you can’t seem to escape the sound of Mariah Carey bellowing that all she wants for Christmas is you. The atmosphere has a certain je ne sais quoi of love, light, and an extra air of happiness. It dawns on you that despite conflicting climate change weather, it is December which means 2018 is right around the corner. The upcoming New Year should bring nothing but excitement. For one, you made it to another year despite any troubles you may have had during. The New Year means new seasons and opportunities to grow, take up opportunities, and create a future you will be proud of.

But often when we reach this time of year, you realize that it went by so fast that you didn’t even accomplish all (or any of) the goals that you had for the year. Did you really stick to your gym days the way you promised? Did you finally start that project you’ve been sitting on since two New Year’s ago? Sometimes we get so caught up and excited of making resolutions for the New Year, but don’t actually stick to them throughout the year. Here’s a little guide to making sure you  create resolutions that you can actually stick to for all of 2018!

1) Prioritize.

Some goals can be accomplished in a week and some might take the entire year. Start your new year off by writing out (yes with a pen and paper – the power of manifestation) everything you want to get accomplished and then figuring out what needs attention first and for how long. Learning to prioritize your tasks can help alleviate the overwhelming feeling of having so many resolutions at one time. It can also teach patience in an never-ending world, to know you have to wait accomplish one thing while accomplishing another goal. Remember, one step at a time is better than trying to tackle everything at once.

2) Be as Specific as Possible.

How many times has the gym been written into your New Years Resolution? It’s not enough to make blanket statements because it’s easier to never tend to them. Instead, when writing your resolutions, get as specific as possible. Why fitness and health goals are you trying to obtain? What are the thorough steps to completing the new side hustle you want to venture in? If you feel like you’re being too detailed, good – continue to add more notes that will benefit the outcome actually completing your goals.

3) Don’t Quit Cold-Turkey.

With every new transition in your life, it will take time. Don’t force the flow of things by completely cutting everything out that you don’t want to bring into the new year. Quitting cold-turkey is one of the most counterproductive things you can do if you’re trying to make any change. Slow and steady wins the race – start by gradually making changes over time until you get into a new habit that you are content with.

4) Don’t Beat Yourself Up.

There is no race to how fast you can complete your resolutions. Remember that you are making these changes for you, and for you only. Also remember that sometimes we make mistakes and change can be hard. There is no need to get upset with yourself if you aren’t keeping up with your resolutions as planned or if you backtrack a little. Acknowledge what is working and what isn’t, and adjust your resolutions to a speed that is more realistic for you at the time. No matter how many times you mess up, as long as you keep trying, you will be able to reach the accomplishments you set out to conquer.

5) Get Support If Needed.

Some goals are easier to accomplish in a group or with the support of others. If you’re comfortable, share your resolutions with your family and friends. Join a group of like-minded individuals that are trying to reach the same results. Being able to discuss your aspirations can help to manifest them into reality and to work out any problems you may be facing.

6) Look at Your Progress & Celebrate!

I find any reason to celebrate accomplishments no matter how small. Being able to stick to your plans and look back, whether it’s a week or six months and see how far you’ve come is a great feeling. It makes all the stress seem to be worth it. It also encourages you to keep going. Celebrate these minor and major accomplishments anyway you can (so long that its positive and not counter productive to the goals you have set in place). Maybe you treat yourself to a luxe mani/pedi that you’ve saved for. Maybe you go out for ice cream that you’ve been craving. After the celebration, keep up the work! And prepare for more celebrations to come.

2018 is yours to conquer!


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