KeVita introduces New Flavors of their Probiotic and Kombucha Beverages

With the emergence of more health documentaries, more and more people are eating healthier. This has led to companies creating more vegan friendly environments meaning more vegan snacks. Among those happens to be the release of a new flavors in the vegan friendly, GMO free drink called KeVita.

KeVita is a US manufacturer that is known for making probiotic and kombucha beverages with a multitude of different flavors that help with certain things. For instance, one of the new flavors happens to be Blueberry Basil. This flavor contains many helpful things like live probiotics and active organic acids. Think of this flavor as one that will keep the customer energized, as a substitute for an energy drink.

Taking a step back, a probiotic drink is simply a drink that contains bacteria that are good for your health. Yogurt is a good and common probiotic product. A Kombucha beverage is one that is a fermented drink containing black tea and sugar. It also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

KeVita Master Brew Kombucha line of drinks are energizing, with a bold flavor. Each bottle contains live probiotics, active cultures, organic acids, organic caffeine and just 35 calories per 8-ounce serving. They are also the only verified non-alcoholic kombucha on the market. The KeVita Master Brew Kombucha family also has 11 other flavors, including Ginger, Pineapple Peach, Tart Cherry, Dragonfruit Lemongrass, Citrus and Raspberry Lemon.

Among the Kombucha line of drinks, KeVita also has two other lines including a sparkling probiotic drink and Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic.

Kevita can be found at any grocery store for about $2.99 a bottle.

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