#SelfcareSunday: Sephora Almond Foot Mask

Like most people I spend a lot of time on my feet. I spend a number of hours at work on my feet and I’m always walking somewhere, plus city blocks seem endless. The only time I think about my feet is when I’m browsing for new sneakers or shoes. Its amazing how many hair products, and skin care products I have but none are catered to my feet. After all our feet are pretty important, they get us from point A to point B, they are also responsible for keeping us grounded. I get my nails done every two to three weeks, as far as a pedicure goes I mostly get them during the summer. For cold months like now, I get them done once in a blue and repaint my nails once they start to chip. Aside from painting my own toes nails from time to time, sometimes when I’m in the shower I’ll scrub the bottom of my feet with a foot file. However, I tend to forget about doing it.

Unlike most weeks, I spent a lot of time on my feet this week by going out. To make matters worse I decided to put on a pair of open toed heels for a friend’s birthday dinner. The bit of discomfort I felt for the few hours I was out is the main reason I always choose to wear sneakers everywhere. About a week ago during a trip to Sephora I saw their Almond foot mask for comforting and repairing. According to the packaging the mask is inspired by Asian beauty rituals. The almond extract in the foot mask is supposed to nourish dry feet, soften rough areas, and make skin supple. The foot mask comes in the form of a pair of socks and is supposed to be left on for twenty minutes. After all the standing and walking I’ve put my feet through this weekend, this foot mask is definitely needed.

The socks are easy to put on although; the feeling of something wet on your feet takes some getting used to. The twenty minutes quickly pass by and the packaging instructs me to take off the socks and rub the excess product into my skin. As I rub the excess product, the feel of my heel feels softer and so does the skin on the top of my feet. To be completely honest I was skeptical of a foot mask but my feet feels amazing. I can’t help but to keep touching them, and to think this foot mask only cost four dollars. The next time you’re in the mood to treat yourself don’t forget to take care of your feet!

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