🇩🇰 Straight Outta Denmark – Musicians And Music Venues To Check Out In Denmark

Whether you are from a small town in Ohio or a rural area in Norway, music connects us all. The music of Denmark is no different, as Copenhagen is the home of many popular nightclubs. Although, we may not be completely familiar with the music from the big city, Copenhagen is the city of festivals. Copenhagen focuses on culture and fashion as any big city, and is popular for both great music and nightclubs options.

Culture Box is one of the country’s most prominent night clubs, consistent with line-ups of both local and international underground artists. Electronica, Techno and House music is played frequently at the three story venue.  White Box is the pre-clubbing bar, Red Box is the intimate lower floor, and Black Box where the biggest names play on the massive sound system. Chateau Motel is one of the biggest night clubs in Copenhagen and the only four story nightclub in the city. Offering a cocktail lounge and an “old school bodega”, Chateau Motel gives visitors the full experience without breaking their pockets. There are many other nightclubs that are worth visiting, including Bakken Kbh, and the HIVE, one of copenhagen’s exclusives clubs.

Denmark has birthed many acts including, Trentemøller, WhoMadeWho, and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Artists who have since crossed over to the american music charts, debuting at festivals like Coachella. Denmark has played an important role in the career of many american musicians as well. Performing tracks from his 2016’s Blond and Endless albums, Frank Ocean performed for the first time in three years at the Northside festival last year. And back in December, Britney Spears announced that she will be headlining in the Smukfest music festival in August

Vashtie loves music as much as the culture behind it, so we know that she will be indulging in the best music that Denmark has to offer. Here is a quick playlist of the current bangerz straight outta Denmark.



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