These 2017 Fashion Trends Were Seen Last Year In Paris, Milan, And London Fashion Week And We Can’t Let Go Of Them

New York Fashion week is dunzo and although you may think that we’ve gotten enough of attending all of the glorious fashion shows and exclusive events, guess what? We’re just getting started.  The “Big 4” refers to the biggest fashion weeks globally which include: Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and of course New York Fashion Week. The packed schedule starts with New York, then London and then Milan and finally ends with the big banger, Paris!

Vashtie Kola is getting ready to travel to Europe for Milan & Paris Fashion Week 2018 in the next couple of days. Let’s rewind and review last years hottest street trends that were spotted during Milan & Paris Fashion Week as we prepare for the new ones. What trend did you see people rocking throughout 2017? What are you guys expecting to see this year? Hit us up in the comments or on socials and let’s talk about it!

Chunky Sneakers

Chunky vacation dad shoes were a thing and still are. Super comfortable and Yeezy approved.

The Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bag swag was one of the biggest trends of 2017 for men and women. Shoulder bag wearers love to rock a nice and flashy logo across their body, over their shoulder, and around their waist. From Supreme to Prada to Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Patterns On Patterns On Patterns


Whoever said that mixing patterns was a bad idea lied. From funky gridded to animal print to plaids and stripes.

Trek Gear

Trek gear takes the phrase #CozyBoy to another level with functional stylish pieces.


The Justin Timberlake & Brittney Spears iconic denim on denim Grammy look from the 2000’s resurfaced this year. We doubt that denim ever goes out of style, so classic and cool.


Balenciaga speaks for itself and the wave stayed prominent all 2017.


Nothing’s wrong with a little shimmer and a lot of sparkles. Sequins were not just hot on New Year’s Eve, it was a staple year round.


Sheer and nipples went hand in hand this past year. The hashtag #FreeTheNipple lived and women & men everywhere stood confidently with this look.

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