24hrs Lights Up SOBs And Leaves His Mark On New York

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Photo Credit: Kai Miller

Atlanta enigma, 24hrs, is a rarity in the music landscape of today. While he offers a sound that is polished, precise, and a progressive alternative to the trap wave subduing ATL, Twenty isn’t a fan of the limelight. Often times declining interviews or not answering questions altogether, he’s an artist that prefers love at first listen rather than sight. However, the rapper of many talents didn’t hold back as he performed before a packed house of fans on Thursday night (Jan. 27) at the renowned NY staple, SOBs.

Kicking things off with “Back For Me”, Twenty had the crowd at full attention as he performed the standout track from his 2016 EP, Open. Despite the mellow song choice, the crowd’s response was electric–as men and women alike belted out cheeky one-liners. Neon signs reading “24Hrs Fantasy” and “Open Late” adorned the stage, adding a subtle and artistic touch.

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Photo Credit: Kai Miller

The crisp APEX production was followed up by the dancehall-inspired track “Body.”  Wrapped in the illumination of neon lights, the ATL lyricist gave way to the song’s high energy and began to engage more with the crowd. At one point, he even singled out a lucky lady to sing along with him.

The signature venue was an undeniable blend of head-bobbing and hand waving as Twenty performed bangers like “Gucci Flame” and “Stylist.” But, the real surprise of the night came when Philly crooner PnB Rock graced the stage to perform his 2016 smash hit, “Selfish.” Although, he was sporting a cast due to a sprained ankle, the “No Time” singer didn’t hesitate to rip the stage.

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Photo Credit: Kai Miller

In the thick of his 12-song set, Twenty took a moment to be candid with fans. “It was always my dream to come to New York,” he said. “I was once told, if you can do it in New York – you can do it anywhere.”

And, it was before a packed crowd in New York City that 24hrs solidified the genius of his artistry.

With his ear for addictive melodies and indestructible confidence, this talented rapper has the potential to be the name on everyone’s lips in 2017.

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