LIFE: Night Lights – Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary – Pre-Super Bowl Party (1.31.14)

vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4801 On Friday night, I met up with the homie Josh Madden for a Def Jam & New Era party at one of my favorite venues…Hudson Hotel’s Good Units. The music was ill…provided by DJ MICK. The scene was full of entertainment and since it was pre-Super Bowl there were birds-a-flocking. I showed up in a Supreme Football Jersey looking like I lost my pants in a terrible bet, but I had fun anyways. vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4802 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4803

Legendary Damon & Unlengendary Vashtie


Venus X & Malcom Xvashtie_newera_defjam_sb4805 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4806 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4808 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4809

Nigel Sylvester, Nigel Sparkes and Vashtie

vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4810 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4811

Champagne for the pain.vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4812

Vashtie, Josh Madden & Big Mikevashtie_newera_defjam_sb4813

Josh had a lot of fun dancing super hard on the couches. It was fun to watch and fun to not care because everyone was way too serious.vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4814An exhausted Josh.


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