3 facts about waist trainers that will make you think twice

Waist trainers. We have all seen them and some of us even swears by them, with the hopes to attain a small, slim and sexy waistline. Celebrities who have the classic feminine “hourglass” shape such as, Kim Kardashian-West, Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna have promptly credited waist trainers for their shrinking waistlines. But exactly how safe are they to wear? What are the benefits and what are the risks?

Waist Training is the process of slimming down the size of your waist, making curves of the hips more prominent with the use of a waist trainer or a steel boned corset. Celebrities have suggested that wearing a waist trainer while exercising with a daily balanced diet, can help you achieve the bodacious body that you desire. However, Doctors and Fitness Gurus have made aware of the risks of waist training, and also suggest healthier alternatives to try.

Here are some of the risk of waist training and why you should give it a second thought:

Visceral Displacement:

Visceral Displacement is the movement of the Viscera abdomen organs, such as the stomach, liver, intestines, spleen, and etc. Due to the compression of the waist trainer pulling everything inward, wearing a trainer for a long period of time can cause a shift of organs, a medical issue that can result to permanent damage.

Breathing difficulties:

Decreased breathing capabilities and loss of consciousness are some of the effects of wearing a waist trainer or corset. Breathing difficulties and potential rib damage can be caused by adding pressure onto your stomach, in order to fit the shape of the trainer. By restricting your diaphragm, you reduce the amount of oxygen to your lungs and brain which causes loss of consciousness. It can also lead to fluid in the lungs, putting you at risk for catching pneumonia.

Waste of time:

Alongside the laundry list of health risks that you are taking by wearing a waist trainer day-to-day, Doctors who have studied the effects of waist training states it’s a complete waste of time. Wearing a waist trainer actually prevents usage of your abs, the decreasing of your abdominal muscle tone by compressing your organs can reduce blood flow to your heart. There haven’t been any solid evidence that proves that waist training provides anything other than the temporary physical benefit, the appearance of a smaller waist.

Waist Training (or Corset training) Is a trend that has been around for over 500 years, and the risk was just as bad then as they are now. The difference between then and now, is the knowledge of what exercises we can do to achieve the hourglass shape without causes further health issues. The most important thing to remember when trying to achieve a small waist is that strength training for the entire body, cardio and a healthy diet are key.



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