3 Tips For Planning a Proper Stay-cation in NYC

Vacationing is necessary when trying to keep a work-life balance. Some treat vacations as a reward for all their hard work, while others treat it as a point of rest and rejuvenation. No matter the reason, planning a vacation is often ideal. But what about the times when you may not have the coins to book a flight to your favorite island? Or what if you can’t be too far away from work? Are you doomed to not enjoying the rest that you so dearly need? Not at all. If going away isn’t your thing at the moment, then you need a staycation.

A staycation is as simple as it seems – turn your city, your town, your rural area into a vacation spot. The idea is to enjoy your hometown as if it were a new destination. Not only do you have the benefit of the necessary relaxation you need, but you also get to explore things about your city that you may have never been exposed to. When planning a staycation, here are the most important tips:

1) It’s a real vacation!

Treat your staycation as a real vacation. Block out the allotted days as if you weren’t going to be home. Plan to cut off all work during that period. Turn off notifications and refrain from checking your phone often. If you’re vacation consists of meeting with friends and family, then schedule those times. If not, make this about you and enjoy some alone time.

2) Your home vs. Hotels

Some see staycations as staying where they already live, but you don’t have to. Choose a local hotel to host your staycation. My favorite NYC hotels are Ace Hotel, Wythe Hotel, The William Vale, The Box House, and Henry Norman. Enjoy the hotel amenities, restaurants, and lovely decor. But don’t spend all your time inside! This moves to the next important point:

3) Plan Activities

Your staycation should breath new life into a place you’re completely familiar with. If you’re staying home, clean and reorganize your entire apartment. Maybe it means buying new furniture, like a yellow armchair? Go to new museums or visit some old ones you haven’t been to in ages. When is the last time you went to the Museum of Natural History? or The Met, which is enormous enough to visit a hundred times and still find new things. Try visiting The Met Cloisters and walk around their beautiful gardens.

If museums aren’t your thing, find a good comedy show, (off) broadway play, concerts of local acts or genres you don’t normally listen to, new restaurants you wanted to try, thrifting in a new neighborhood. The point is not so much what you do, but that it’s planned and introducing you to things you didn’t already know and love about your hometown.

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