4 Community Gardens in Lower Manhattan You Need To Know

For all it’s hustle and bustle, New York City has an abundance of spaces that help alleviate the stress and anxiety that can come living in such an active city. Lower Manhattan in particular, is home to some award winning green spaces, culture centers, and quite art spaces. For those seeking the perfect combination of the three, New York’s community gardens are essential destinations for stress relief.

The best community gardens are well-kempt centers for gardening, public art, and socializing. La Plaza Cultural is an enchanting garden that grows herbs, wild blueberries, flowers and shrubs, bamboo, and willows. Beyond that, there are statues, a small pagodas and seating areas, and a small pond with fish. Diagonally across from La Plaza Cultural is the 9th St. Community Garden Park. After a brief bought with New York City pests, the garden is coming back to life. Lining the fences of the garden are vines of honeysuckle and bittersweet, which help hide you from the outside world. There are public art pieces and small murals, in addition to plenty of seating for visitors.

The importance of seating and comfort aren’t lost on the gardeners for the Creative Little Garden, which welcomes its visitors with a sunny yellow gate and lots of benches. The garden also doubles as a concert hall, holding open mic events for local musicians. Despite being smaller than the previous two gardens, the Creative Little Garden is sure to capture your heart. Lastly, only a few blocks downtown is the mother of all community gardens. The first and oldest community garden space in New York is the Liz Christy Garden. Its prime SoHo location is ideal for escape during a long work day, housing fruit-bearing trees and bushes behind it’s tall gates. The Liz Christy Garden is perfect for a lush walk on a beautiful day, and afterward you even have the option to windowshop.

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