5 Different Ways To Style Overalls This Spring

Spring is officially here and that means it’s time to get rid of all of your heavy winter layers and give your wardrobe a fresh sense of style for the brighter season. It’s time to have fun with color options, show a little skin, and embrace different prints and fabrics. There is no limit to outfit choices when the snows away and it’s time for the sun to play.

Vashtie usually gives herself no boundaries when it’s comes to what she wears. Her unique streetwear style has become her signature look, and there is one choice of clothing that happens to be her statement piece, and that’s overalls! In honor of Vashtie’s favorite look, we are giving you guys the rundown of different ways to styling overalls during the springtime.

1. Sporty Street-Wear

Vashtie isn’t a stranger for giving us a sporty yet elevated vibe when it comes to her outfit choices. Try to take a spin on this with your own style vibes, and pair your overalls with your favorite sneakers, a solid crop trop, and few basic accessories to not take away from the rest of your outfit. A fitted cap could even top off the whole look!

Photo & Link : Free People

2. Boho-Chic

Spring time is the epitome of festival season. Floral prints and boho inspired pieces can definitely go hand in hand with a short overall combo. Styling it with a fedora hat, bandana around the neck and an lace blouse will have you ready for any upcoming concert or festival.

3. Date-Night

Date night doesn’t always require you to wear a dress or a skirt. Step out of the norm and surprise your date with an overall look. Pull off the look with a cute pair of heels and a crossbody bag. Keep it simple, while letting your makeup, hairstyle and personality be what stands out the most.

Photo Credit & Link: Pinterest

Link: Urban Outfitters


4. 90’s Vibes

The 90’s was everything and more. It had the music, the lifestyle, and all of the major looks you could think of. Playing with brights colors in your overalls is the only tip you need to worry about with this outfit. Denim on denim can be an option as well. Add in some converse to do this throw back look justice.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. Punk-Grunge

Just because it is spring time..doesn’t mean you have to do away with dark color tones. Flannels are still a thing, and layers are just as welcomed. Take a flannel and wrap it around your waist, and incorporate a solid tee with a pair of Dock Martins. To allow this into your spring time wardrobe, wear a short length overall instead.

Regardless of which style choice you gravitate towards, place your own spin on it and have fun with it. Style is very subjective, and it’s all about what represents you. Embrace this new season with a new flare in your wardrobe and be bomb while doing it.


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