5 Easy Ways to Help Meditate From The Palm Of Your Hand

Whether your needs are stress relief, you’re dealing with anxiety and depression or learning to better control your thoughts- meditation is always highly suggested as a helpful aid in relation, if not an entire solution. And it is with good reason!

According to a John Hopkins University study, practicing meditation – mindfulness meditation to be exact – helps to relieve stress and stress-induced behaviors like anxiety. But if you’re new to meditation and can’t fathom the idea of clearing your mind, it all can seem overwhelming. When is the best time to meditate – morning or night? What type of meditation should I be looking into for my specific needs? What is transcendental meditation? If you want to get into this simple exercise, but still find yourself at a lost, there are some apps we found that could help you.

1) Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio is an app with over 250 guided meditations by 30 different experts. With this app, you can choose what purpose you want the meditation to serve you. Some of the meditations are short or long, better to be done at night or done in the morning. Each expert helps you to practice your breathing to best practice mindful mediation. A great start to get into the practice.

2) Headspace

Headspace is more than just an app, but an entire meditation platform offering guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Users can sign up for free and use Headspace either online or on their phones. After a ten day free trail, users have the option of signing up to a monthly or annual subscription. Headspace has different levels that users can gradually move up towards. Each session is usually ten minutes long and in video format. There is six series for each user to complete: Foundation, Sport, Health, Relationship, and Headspace Pro. More than just different mediation practices, there are activities.

3) Calm

Calm starts off as a free app that users have access to for seven days. After that, you can a monthly or yearly subscription. The paid subscription includes sessions like a 21 day program that helps users practice overall wellbeing and individual sessions. There is also the option of unguided sessions where you can listen to music or natural sounds.

4) Buddhify

Buddhify is a paid app that has meditation sessions based on what you are doing during the day. For example, there are sessions when you need to take a break at work or if you need help dealing with your emotions. With over 80 different sessions, there is more than enough to suit your meditation needs.

5) Muse

Muse is a cool new technology that reads your brain signals in order to aid in the best meditation and r  The headband connects with your phone and the mobile app via Bluetooth. Once paired, each user will be walked through a series of tutorials that will help you to become better accustomed to your headband. Every time you use the headband, Muse takes a snapshot of your brain in order to comprehend your brain signals. If you are calm, you will hear calm winds. If your brain is more active, the winds will become stronger. You will be able to view your results on the app and track your progress through the app. The goal of using the headband is to try and get you to be calm more than active, helping you learn how to breathe and relax more.

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