The 5 Health Benefits of Waking Up Early

I would be lying to you if I said that every New Year, I make the resolution to myself and the promise that I will be get more sleep. Then the year actually begins and I am thrown into work and muddled with the idea that 4 hours of sleep is okay and should be the norm at my age. Until you realize that you never want to wake up before 11 a.m., you’re always anxious, and you’re always tired. But then there’s the group of people you strive to be like because of their successful paths, and you hear that they wake up as early as 4 a.m.? What are the secrets? If you struggle to be a morning person, I’ll share with you five essential reasons why it’s great to go to bed a little early and become an early bird.

1) A Better Night’s Rest.

Sleeping earlier to wake up earlier can give you an overall better quality of sleep. The reason why is because you allow your body to develop a specific sleep cycle, which directly increases the effectiveness of natural sleep stages. This promotes better brain function and health and allows for your body to heal and rejuvenate.

2) Clearer Mind/Better Attitude.

Want to stop feeling rushed and anxious throughout the day? Do you want people to actually enjoy your company with or without coffee? Waking up early can help with that. Better sleep quality, allows for more energy in the morning and can reduce stress that you may feel during the day. You have more time for yourself and can even learn to enjoy quietude. Want to really boost your mornings? Try an exercise routine, or practicing meditation.

3) Carpe Diem.

With a full day ahead of you, what can’t you do. Those who wake up early tend to be better planners. Take charge and get everything off your to-do list. There is no such thing as procrastination any longer! Organize and set approachable goals that you can accomplish.

4) More Productivity.

Waking up early allows for more energy which makes for more productivity. Allow time for you to do more things that you actually want to do because what you needed to do is out of the way. What makes you feel better – writing, watching films, or simply going to get your nails done? You now have all the time in the world!

5) Better Diet.

When people say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” they aren’t fooling you. What you put into your body in the morning sets the tone for your energy levels throughout the day. You’re also replenishing your body after a good night’s rest and almost turning your “body back on” Don’t skip on such an important meal. Start off by drinking water (detox water with lemons like Vashtie drinks is really good), and make sure get enough protein and fiber (something as simple as whole grain bread with peanut butter and sliced bananas).

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