5 Must Read Inspirational Books For The Holidays

As it gets colder around the country, fire pits began to blaze as the hot chocolate and eggnog aroma began to fill the room. Conversations become interesting as relatives that haven’t been seen all year show up for the holidays. Conversation topics are always an issue with the kiddies around but no worries. Here are five inspirational books written by celebrities to keep anyone company while also being a good topic for those awkward holiday conversation moments.


Jay-Z, “Decoded”

“Decoded” tells the life of Jay-Z in the form of an autobiography. Part of the book is an autobiography while the other part is comments on the author’s lyrics as they relate to his life troubles. “Decoded” gives the reader a portrait of the rough worlds Jay-Z navigated in during his youth, while at the same time dissecting his lyrics.

What makes “Decoded” inspirational is the fact that it layers Jay-Z’s rhymes with the true meaning behind each one as the book is written in the form of a song. “Decoded” is a book that shows how the pressures of Jay-Z’s former life as a dealer fueled his gifts as a writer, including a survivor’s appraising sense of character, an observer’s eye for detail and a hustler’s drive for wordplay and control.


Taraji P. Henson, “Around the World Girl”

Recalling her previous roles, Henson takes on characters including Katherine, the NASA mathematician, Yvette, Queenie, Shug, and the iconic Cookie from Empire. Henson writes of her family, the one she was born into and the one she created.

The inspiration comes as she writes about stories of her father, Vietnam vet who was bowed but never broken by life’s challenges, and of her mother who survived violence both at home and on DC’s violent streets. She also opens up about her own experiences in the industry while being a single mother.


Gabourey Sidibe, “This is just my Face: Try not to Stare”

This is a book of many laughter’s turned into inspiration as the comedian uses the book to discuss her struggles being a confident African American plus sized model actress in Hollywood. The book was first written in the form of just a humorous look at her quirky pet peeves, red-carpet blunders, and setbacks on the road to fame but it turned into much more as Sidibe began to discuss her childhood pet peeves.

Kevin Hart, “I can’t Make This Up”

Comedian Kevin Hart takes his life and breaks it up into life lessons. Through this story, the reader learns what drives Hart’s jokes while also learning the same vital life lessons that Hart learned growing up. The two most important lessons that were learned was that Number One things change. Number Two was that shrugging one’s shoulders and moving on is the best way to deal with Number One.

KeKe Palmer, “I Don’t Belong to You”

KeKe Palmer takes the reader through a journey of self-love, self-empowerment, and self-discovery as she uses the book to discuss her childhood and the difficulties she faced being a childhood star in Hollywood.

The book opens up with a letter penned to readers, providing background information on herself and revealing her purpose for writing. That purpose of inspiring others through her story is reiterated almost immediately in the first chapter. The thought of someone so young going through the journey that Palmer takes, only encourages others to go after what they want with no hesitations even if doubts from others try to steer you in a different direction.

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