5 New Highly Anticipated Rock Albums Expected To Be Released This Fall


2017 have been a year of heartache and heartbreak, as we lost both Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, two months apart from one another. However, as we lost rock legends, we gained potential ones with new albums set to release this year. From Liam and Noel Gallagher’s announcement of rival albums, to the first album in five years from the Killers, Rock fans have a lot to look forward to. Although the year started off rather slowly for rock music, the last quarter of 2017 is promised for music never to forget. Here are five new highly anticipated Rock albums to look out for:



Mackenzie Scott aka Torres, an indie rock and folk artist, is expected to release her third LP, “Three futures” this September. If you are not familiar with Torres and her music, here are a few things to know. Mackenzie was born in Orlando, Florida and raised in Macon, Georgia. Brought up in an conservative Christian household, she learned how to play the flute, piano and sung in a choir. In January of 2013, Torres released her self-titled debut album “Torres”, with the follow-up, “Sprinter” two years later. She considers Brandi Carlile, Kate Bush and Kurt Cobain to be some of her many inspirations.

Noel Gallagher:

If you have ever heard of the Rock Band Oasis before, then you know it consists of two brothers; Noel and Liam Gallagher. However, this brother duo have not always been kind to each other. Public feuds and traded insults, only fuels the seemingly never ending competition between the Gallagher brothers. Even though Oasis broke up in 2009, years of threats from both brothers to each other continues to this day. Other brother Noel announced his third solo album “High flying Birds” is due to be released on November 9th. “I am doing something different this time, to amuse myself- I am writing in the studio for the first time.”  


Liam Gallagher:

However, if one brother is going to release an album, the other one must too. Shortly after the announcement of Noel’s “High Flying Birds” release, little brother Liam announces he is releasing an album too. In June, the younger Gallagher detailed plans for his full-length debut solo album, “As You Were“, set to be released on October 6. 6 weeks before the release of his older brother’s album. Pretty strategic, huh? In addition to the album release, Liam also announced his plans for a North America tour to start on November 13 in San Francisco. During an interview with Pitchfork, Liam stated his brother [Noel] was not brave enough to critique his new solo music. May the best Gallagher win.



Morrissey, a Rock Legend in his own right, is set to release his eleventh studio album, “Low in High School” on November 17. It’s been three years since his release of, “World Peace is None of Your Business“, an album that generally received by music critics. However, Morrissey and his label, Harvest Records, with unforeseen disagreements released the album, three weeks after it’s original release date. Morrissey is also known for taking jabs at Former President Obama, Sam Smith and the late David Bowie. “Low in High School” will be release through BMI Records.


The Killers:

Brandon Flowers recently said that the lack of new rock bands ascending in popularity has something  to do with their quality. “Wonderful, Wonderful“, their first studio album in five years will release on September 22nd. In May, the band teased fans with series of photographs and videos of the lead single on their twitter account. The music video of “The Man“, released on June 28,  features cameos of the former mayor of Las Vegas. Mark Savage of BBC News calls Wonderful, Wonderful, the most vital album since Sam’s Town released in 2006.


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