5 Simple Non-Expensive Ways To Give Back To The Animal Society

How many of us are animal lovers? Animals always have a soft spot in many hearts of America — from wild animals to domestic. The best way to start your support for the animal society is teaming up with your local animal shelter/society. Saving and rescuing animals can be a bit expensive but I have created five creative ways you can help your local animal shelters with little no cost.

  1. Spreading the word! Social media is a huge contributor to major businesses and brands. It’s super easy for news to spread via social media now. Sharing the adoption flyers, event promotions, and more on your Twitter feed, Instagram, and Facebook can boost the amount of people who are interested in adopting a pet or attending an event by the shelter. We’re already on social media all day anyway, post that flyer to help the animals!

  2. Become a foster mom/dad! As you know most shelters fill up pretty quick. It’s difficult for most shelters to place pets in homes so becoming a foster pet parent allows the shelter to free space and keep the spirits up of the animals! I know what you’re thinking: “how can I afford a pet?”, well most shelters pay for food and vet expenses for the pet you’re fostering. This way it’s a win win for everyone; the pet gets a nice cozy home and you get a friend that won’t burden your pockets. Don’t you wish all your friends were like that? Another benefit of this? While the pet awaits its forever home, you will be able to train him and the pet will now go to its new home trained!

  3. Volunteer at the shelter! Volunteering at the shelter literally cost nothing. Shelters are always looking for people to assist around the buildings to clean, refill food and water, and even create flyers. This allows the shelter to free up some time to focus on getting the pets in a new home and other administrative duties.

  4. Donate toys! Shelters are always looking for food dishes, leashes, and toys for the pets. Donating these items from your own home or even buying a few items once a month from a dollar store and taking them to the shelter.

  5. Set up a donation drive! A donation drive can raise money for your local shelter. You can set up a gofundme for your birthday or even set a table up at a park and sell lemonade in return for a cash donation.

These are just some ways you can help your local shelter. For more specific ways to help, take a trip to your local shelter and ask them what they might need from you. Take a look at the little animals while you’re there to cheer them up.

For more info head over to https://bestfriends.org

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