5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Movie Mean Girls

Today is October 3rd and that can only mean one of three things: Your rent is three days late, there’s something coming out of your account as an automated payment or you’re watching Mean Girls all day. If you’re like us, we’re opting for Mean Girls. October 3rd remains one of the most “meme-worthy” days thanks to Lindsey Lohan starring in Mean Girls in 2004. The coveted movie tells the story of how Cady adjusts from living in Africa to Illinois. She experienced public school in all of its glory and quickly discovered that popularity and “The Plastics” ruled all. She soon found out why the nickname, Mean Girls stuck and the movie followed her throughout her journey.

We’ve gathered a handful of facts that you probably didn’t know about the movie before now and we hope you enjoy this October 3rd holiday!


Lindsey Lohan originally wanted to play Regina George. We feel her.

To this day, Lacey Chabert STILL gets tweeted Mean Girl references, especially “That’s so fetch.”

Ashley Tisdale read for the role of Karen Smith. We’d like to see it.

Lindsey had more than 60 costume changes in the entire movie

Vashtie was asked to join the Plastics but she doesn’t have enough pink to last a full year.
*ha kidding!

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