5 Times the Simpsons Accurately Predicted the Future

Word has it that the legendary and epic animated TV series, The Simpson’s is the new Miss Cleo. If you aren’t familiar with who Miss Cleo is, she is an American television personality who best known for her psychic pay-per-call service from 1997 to 2003. The animated series has been running for over 27 years, and as of lately some of their older episodes have played out in real life right before our eyes!

Your conspiracy theory bae might call this out as some type of  Hollywood/government thing and say that everything that has been happening in politics and pop-culture has been planned out for decades. Do we call these happenings cool and quirky coincidences or should we be running for the hills considering the intensity of some of our favorite Black Mirror episodes? We’ll let you be the judge. 28 seasons and 606 episodes later, check out 5 times that America’s longest lasting cartoon series predicted the future:

Apple Smart Watches/Face Time

In the 1995 episode entitled “Lisa’s Wedding” we get to see 23-year-old Lisa and her fiancé in 2010. Lisa’s finance is casually talking to his watch and Lisa and Marge talk on their phone via video chat. On June 24, 2010, Apple launched FaceTime and on April 24, 2015, they released Apple Watches.

Lady GaGa’s Super Bowl Performance

In 2012 during the shows 23rd season episode “Lisa Goes GaGa,” the singer pulled this epic stunt that is very similar to the stunt she pulled during last years Super Bowl performance. I would have been screaming even harder at my TV if GaGa’s boobs started to spit out fire though, that would have been even more epic! Perhaps GaGa was creatively inspired by this episode that paid homage to her?


As of lately autocorrect on my Iphone has been annoyingly changing all of my “it’s” to “I.T” and I have had enough! 24 years ago Dolph had the same issue in the “Lisa On Ice” episode. Dolph was using what was called the personal digital assistant Apple Newton, he tried to write “Beat up Martin” but instead the devices changed it to “Eat up Martha”.  Damn you, autocorrect! Look at poor Martha, confused at why Dolph is looking at her like some type of snack.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, Trump is legit the president of the United States of America although many Americans refuse to claim him. In 2000, Season 11 on an episode entitled “Bart To the Future”, Bart was shown his future and Trump was all in it! On the bright side, this same episode showed Lisa being elected as President as well, which also shows us that The Simpsons was totally aware that the future would be female #TimesUp. In this episode Trump messed up our entire economy, Lisa and Bart join forces to figure out how to save it.

Beatles Fan Mail

In 1991, an episode showed The Beatles’ Ringo star answering loads of fan mail that had been written to him years before. Years later in 2013, two Beatles fans reportedly received a reply from Paul McCartney to a recording that they had sent to the band 50 years ago. The recording was sent to a London theatre that the band was supposed to play at but instead was found years later in at a random car boot sale by a historian.


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